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mktclapp - Patch for Visual C++ 6.0


mktclapp is a tool, written and maintained by D. Richard Hipp to wrap Tcl scripts into a single executable.
Unfortunaly it does not work well with large Tcl scripts in combination with Microsoft Visual C++.
For more information about this great tool, take a look at the homepage of mktclapp.


  • All Unix compilers I know of, as well as Cygwin's gcc windows port work well with the original mktclapp.c.
    Only the famous compiler widly known as VC5 (and maybe VC6, too), is not able to handle static character arrays greater than 32k.
  • The basic idea behind this patched version is to replace char * with char **.
  • As Windows is not my main development platform, this patch only lets mktclapp compile and work correctly.
    This patch increases memory consumption as well as startup time, depending on the size of the wrapped scripts.
  • If compiling the patched mktclapp.c with VC5, define -DUSE_CHAR_PP to make the patch effective.
    If USE_CHAR_PP is not defined, mktclapp behaves like the standard one.
  • This patched version of mktclapp is based upon version 3.9.
  • I have successfully wrapped several Tcl scripts with this patched version, including tkdiff.tcl, which is about 250 kB.
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File name Description
mktclapp_c.zip Patched source file based on version 3.9
mktclapp_exe.zip Patched Windows binary based on version 3.9
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