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glob command - Patch for extended functionality


This is the proposal of an extension to the glob command:
Negation of the -types specifiers b c d f l p s r w x hidden readonly

With this additional specifiers it is possible to easily answer questions like the following:

Give me a list of all entries, which are not directories: -types !d
Give me a list of all entries, which are not directories and not hidden: -types {!d !hidden}
Give me a list of all directories, which are not hidden: -types {d !hidden}

These are typical questions when writing a file manager like application.

You are able to manage this with current Tcl commands, but if the number of entries in a directory is high, it tends to get slow.

Another additional change I made is to increase performance on FAT file systems.
On FAT file systems using the -types option is not usable, if you have more than appr. 1000 directory entries. This is due to the fact, that the -types option implies a call to the stat (TclpStat) command for each matching directory entry, which is a performance killer on FAT.
But some file attributes are already known from function findNextFileProc: IsDirectory, IsHidden, IsReadOnly.
So the above noted queries are quite fast on FAT, too.

  • The necessary changes can be applied as a patch against Tcl8.3.2 and Tcl8.3.3.
  • Tested on Windows98, Linux 2.4 and SGI IRIX 6.5.
  • I have adopted the Mac sources, too, but do not have the chance to test these.
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File name Description
globPatch.zip Patched source files based on Tcl version 8.3.2 and 8.3.3
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