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poImgdiff - Command line usage

> poApps --help --imgdiff

Usage: poApps [Options] [DirOrFile1] [DirOrFileN]

Start the portable application selection window.

General options:
--help            : Display this usage message and exit.
--helpimg         : Display image type settings and exit.
--helpfile        : Display file type settings and exit.
--helpall         : Display all usage messages and settings and exit.
--version         : Display version and copyright messages and exit.
--config <dir>    : Specify directory of the configuration files.
                    Default: User home directory (C:\Users\obermeier).

General batch options:
--verbose         : Display verbose information.
                    Default: No.
--overwrite       : Overwrite existing files.
                    Default: No.
--nosaveonexit    : Do not save settings on exit. Use this flag, if using
                    batch mode and don't want to change current settings.
--nosplash        : Do not show splash screen on startup.
                    Current setting: Do not show splash.
--hidewindow      : Hide windows when performing batch processing.
                    Default: No.

Application selection options:
--imgview         : Start the image view application.
--imgbrowse       : Start the image browse application.
--imgdiff         : Start the image diff application.
--slideshow       : Start the image slide show application.
--bitmap          : Start the bitmap edit application.
--dirdiff         : Start the directory diff application.
--filediff        : Start the file diff application.
--presmgr         : Start the PowerPoint presentation management application.

Use --help and one of the above selection options for application specific help.

Note: If using options with parameters, you have to specify the
      application selection option.

poApps: poImgdiff [Options] [ImageFile1] [ImageFile2]

Load 2 images for comparison. If no option is specified, the images
are loaded in a graphical user interface for interactive comparison.

--batch           : Compare the images in batch mode.
                    An exit status of zero indicates identical images.
                    On Windows the exit status is stored in ERRORLEVEL.
--threshold <int> : If running in batch mode, specify the threshold
                    for comparing images.
                    Default: 0.
--savediff <file> : If running in batch mode, save the calculated
                    difference image in specified file.
                    Default: No.
--savehist <file> : If running in batch mode, save the histograms of the
                    input and the difference images in specified CSV file.
                    Default: No.
--poimg           : If running in batch mode, load the images with the
                    poImg extension. This is faster then using the TkImg
                    parsers and saves memory.
                    Available only for Targa and SGI images.


The following table shows some results of tests performed reading and comparing square sized images in Targa format ranging from 1Kx1K to 20Kx20K.
The columns 2 and 3 show the maximum image, that could be handled on the specified platform. The numbers in braces are the uncompressed image file sizes and the time needed to compare the images (not including the time to read the images).
Time measurements have been done on a Core-i7 CPU (2.8 GHz) and 8 GB RAM.

Platform tkImg mode poImg mode
Windows 32-bit 11kx11k ( 350 MB / 3.5 sec) 15kx15k ( 660 MB / 6 sec)
Linux 32-bit 15kx15k ( 660 MB / 6 sec) 20kx20k (1170 MB / 12 sec)
Linux 64-bit 20kx20k (1170 MB / 11 sec) 20kx20k (1170 MB / 11 sec)
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