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poDiff - Command line usage

> poApps --help --dirdiff

Usage: poApps [Options] [DirOrFile1] [DirOrFileN]

Start the portable application selection window.

General options:
--help            : Display this usage message and exit.
--helpimg         : Display image type settings and exit.
--helpfile        : Display file type settings and exit.
--helpall         : Display all usage messages and settings and exit.
--version         : Display version and copyright messages and exit.
--config <dir>    : Specify directory of the configuration files.
                    Default: User home directory (C:\Users\obermeier).

General batch options:
--verbose         : Display verbose information.
                    Default: No.
--overwrite       : Overwrite existing files.
                    Default: No.
--nosaveonexit    : Do not save settings on exit. Use this flag, if using
                    batch mode and don't want to change current settings.
--nosplash        : Do not show splash screen on startup.
                    Current setting: Do not show splash.
--hidewindow      : Hide windows when performing batch processing.
                    Default: No.

Application selection options:
--imgview         : Start the image view application.
--imgbrowse       : Start the image browse application.
--imgdiff         : Start the image diff application.
--slideshow       : Start the image slide show application.
--bitmap          : Start the bitmap edit application.
--dirdiff         : Start the directory diff application.
--filediff        : Start the file diff application.
--presmgr         : Start the PowerPoint presentation management application.

Use --help and one of the above selection options for application specific help.

Note: If using options with parameters, you have to specify the
      application selection option.

poApps: poDiff [Options] [Directory1] [Directory2]

Load directories for comparison. If no option is specified, the directory
pathes are loaded in a graphical user interface for interactive manipulation.

--diff            : Start comparison of directories after startup.
--search <string> : Search for specified string in "Directory1".
--sync            : Synchronize specified directories and exit.
                    Directory1 acts as server, "Directory2" acts as client,
                    i.e. files newer or available only in "Directory1" are
                    copied to "Directory2".
--syncdelete      : Synchronize as with option "--sync", but additionally
                    delete files available only in "Directory2".
--copydate <days> : Copy all files of left directory changed in the last "days"
                    days into right directory.

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