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IRIX binaries

IRIX 6.5 binary versions of Tcl/Tk related libraries and tools.
Compiled with optimization for the N32 ABI.

Supported libraries and tools:

  • Tcl/Tk: Tcl/Tk
  • Img: Img extension
  • Togl: Togl widget
  • Tktable: Tktable extension
  • BLT: BLT extension
  • Tclkit: Self-contained runtime combining Tcl/Tk, Metakit, and IncrTcl
  • SWIG: Simplified Wrapper and Interface Generator


  • Tcl/Tk, Img, Togl and Tktable are compiled as MIPS3 binaries with gcc 3.4.6 on an Indigo2 with IRIX 6.5.22.
  • BLT is compiled as MIPS4 binaries with the MIPS C-compiler 7.3 on an Octane with IRIX 6.5.9.
  • The distributions are stored in a gzipped tar file, so you are able to install them without root permission.
  • If the distributions are not installed into /usr/local, you may have to set the LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable to point to your installation directory.
File name Platform Version Prerequisites Homepage
Tcl/Tk SGI IRIX 6.5 8.5.7 None Tcl/Tk sources
Tcl/Tk SGI IRIX 6.5 8.4.18 None Tcl/Tk sources
Img SGI IRIX 6.5 1.4 Tcl/Tk installed Img sources
Tktable SGI IRIX 6.5 2.10 Tcl/Tk installed Tktable sources
SWIG SGI IRIX 6.5 1.3.38 None SWIG sources
Togl SGI IRIX 6.5 1.7 Tcl/Tk installed Togl sources
BLT SGI IRIX 6.5 2.4u Tcl/Tk installed BLT sources
Tclkit 8.4 SGI IRIX 6.5 8.4.18 None Tclkit at Equi4
Tclkit 8.5 SGI IRIX 6.5 8.5.1 None Tclkit at Equi4
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